Emcomm Info

Fellow HAM’s thanks for taking the first step in becoming a Sycamore Hospital volunteer emergency communications operator. You must complete all of the step to receive you picture ID badge and be add to the call in list. The next step is to fill out the on line volunteer application on the Kettering Health Network Web Site. Sycamore will send you out a packet to be filled out and returned. Once that is completed you then need to contact the volunteer health department at Sycamore and have your health screening and flu shot. If you are allergic to the flu shot you must bring a note from your family doctor stating why you should not receive the shot. Once the health screening part is complete then you can visit the volunteer office at Sycamore and have your badge picture taken and receive your badge. The volunteer coordinator will inform me when you have completed all of the requirements.

Thanks again and 73s,

Jack Melke KM8N

Here is the power point file about the Sycamore Emcomm cabinet equipment in dinning room 1.

Here is the sat phone user guide.



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