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“FREE” Field Day Dinner “Must Email Eric”!

Did I mention we having a “F-r-e-e” Field Day dinner this year? If you read the minutes for the June meeting you saw that there will be a catered dinner for Field Day. Please let Eric know if you are planning to attend and if your significant other will be there as well.

Eric’s W8KKF email is if you don’t let him know your coming there want be any food for YOU! And I am not sharing mine with you so get an email to him or get on the net tonight and speak up.

P.S. Sam and Gail will have a Bon-fire Saturday night and there is no Super moon that night so we should be all set.

For those interested we could do a little spud-gun competition, as Carl would say just a thought for what it’s worth.

Mine is all set up and ready to go!