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“FREE” Field Day Dinner “Must Email Eric”!

Did I mention we having a “F-r-e-e” Field Day dinner this year? If you read the minutes for the June meeting you saw that there will be a catered dinner for Field Day. Please let Eric know if you are planning to attend and if your significant other will be there as well.

Eric’s W8KKF email is if you don’t let him know your coming there want be any food for YOU! And I am not sharing mine with you so get an email to him or get on the net tonight and speak up.

P.S. Sam and Gail will have a Bon-fire Saturday night and there is no Super moon that night so we should be all set.

For those interested we could do a little spud-gun competition, as Carl would say just a thought for what it’s worth.

Mine is all set up and ready to go!


Field Day Prep 6/21 Wednesday Night

It was decided at last weeks meeting that we have a pre Field Day shack prep.  We chose Wednesday 6/21 at 7:00 pm  as the day to do it. We need to do  the following…

  1. Hang digital antenna-needed
  2. Check digital radio- done Carl fixed it
  3. Check computers- done Bill is bringing a loaner
  4. Update Field Day and other software – done Dale checked it
  5. Test and get gasoline for generator-done membership at large
  6. Check the coffee pot make sure we have coffee & creamer- done Dale
  7. Clean refrigerator and microwave and coolers- done by Carl
  8. Check for paper plates and other condiments-needed
  9. Arrange the dinning area-needed
  10. Transmit a few test calls-needed

New PIO Officer Terry Scott NV8E

At the March meeting Terry Scott NV8E agreed to stepped up to and fill in the vacancy of the office of PIO Officer when Al Dunaway KE8DJX left for his new job this winter. We would like to thank Terry for helping the club out with these duties with getting the word out to the community about our clubs Swap Meet.

Thank You for your help Terry.