Thursdays antenna work

Well Jack KM8N and Sam WA8VIW and the antenna crew were at it again this week. They installed the 440 Side-Arm extension on the old tower. And a fine job they did. The range of the 440 is all the way down to the GE plant that Jay N8IPO works at and Jack KM8N had it all the way up to 25A off 75 north. That’s as good if not better than the 146 repeater. Thanks to everyone involved Thursday in getting this done.


While on the scene with the lift truck the rotor on the main tower was checked the upper bell and brake are warn out. After 60 years of service it may be time to consider a new one. Maybe a TailTwister but that will be a discussion for the meeting.

Next is the cabinet that Jack has to house the 440 repeater in it should provide enough warmth to keep the repeater above 32 degrees in the winter.

So with all that said hope to see you at the meeting for these important discussions. Hopefully an update on the 80 meter antenna the city is helping us with.