OHIO QSO PARTY August 26th

The Ohio QSO Party occurs on the fourth Saturday of August. The contest period extends from 1200 EDT [noon] to 2400 EDT [midnight] (1600Z Saturday until 0400Z Sunday). All stations may operate the full twelve hours. The 2017 contest is on August 26th.

Ohio QSO Party
Status: Active
Mode: CW, SSB
Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m
Classes: Single Op (High/Low/QRP)
Max power: HP: >100 watts
LP: 100 watts
QRP: 5 watts
Exchange: OH: RS(T) + county
non-OH: RS(T) + (state/province/”DX”)
Work stations: Once per band per mode
QSO Points: 1 point per SSB QSO
2 points per CW QSO
Multipliers: OH Stations: Each state, province, OH county, 1 DX once per mode
non-OH Stations: Each OH county once per mode
Score Calculation: Total score = total QSO points x total mults (see rules for mobile stations)
Upload log at: http://www.ohqp.org/index.php/submit-log/
Mail logs to: Ohio QSO Party
c/o Jim Stahl, K8MR
30499 Jackson Rd.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022-1730
Find rules at: http://www.ohqp.org/index.php/rules/