Attta Boy’s to Sam and Jay

Jay and Sam put in a good days work troubleshooting the 443 antenna system. They found water in the top half of the barrel connector, as in “full of water”. Not sure how it got in being the connection was well sealed. They lowered the 440 antenna to the ground and installed the pulley in the small Rohn in preparation for working on the Big tower. While looking around Jay found that the coax to the small Comet dual band antenna that we normally use for the shack’s 2 meter 440 rig had been badly chewed up by some of John N8SSE’s squirrel friends. Jay replaced that end and reinstalled the coax. The connector on the matching network of the 440 antenna also had water in it and was disassembled, dried out, cleaned, and reassemble with a lot of work on Sam’s part. The 440 antenna and the slide mount arms are in the shack and I plan on renting a lift early this week to install the 440 antenna in its new location of the side of the Rohn. To get the 443 machine back on the air we decide to use the comet dual band. because of this that antenna will not be available for use on the shack dual band until the 440 is reinstalled. Confused yet??? Bottom line the 443 machine is back up and this whole issue should disappear this coming week. This also prepares the way for maintenance work to be done on the Mosley and 6 Meter Log Periodic in the near future.
Again Thanks to both Sam and Jay for the work on such beautiful summers day.

Jack KM8N