“FREE” Field Day Dinner “Must Email Eric”!

Did I mention we having a “F-r-e-e” Field Day dinner this year? If you read the minutes for the June meeting you saw that there will be a catered dinner for Field Day. Please let Eric know if you are planning to attend and if your significant other will be there as well.

Eric’s W8KKF email is eric_flasher@yahoo.com if you don’t let him know your coming there want be any food for YOU! And I am not sharing mine with you so get an email to him or get on the net tonight and speak up.

P.S. Sam and Gail will have a Bon-fire Saturday night and there is no Super moon that night so we should be all set.

For those interested we could do a little spud-gun competition, as Carl would say just a thought for what it’s worth.

Mine is all set up and ready to go!