Field Day Prep 6/21 Wednesday Night

It was decided at last weeks meeting that we have a pre Field Day shack prep.  We chose Wednesday 6/21 at 7:00 pm  as the day to do it. We need to do  the following…

  1. Hang digital antenna-needed
  2. Check digital radio- done Carl fixed it
  3. Check computers- done Bill is bringing a loaner
  4. Update Field Day and other software – done Dale checked it
  5. Test and get gasoline for generator-done membership at large
  6. Check the coffee pot make sure we have coffee & creamer- done Dale
  7. Clean refrigerator and microwave and coolers- done by Carl
  8. Check for paper plates and other condiments-needed
  9. Arrange the dinning area-needed
  10. Transmit a few test calls-needed