Jan 4th MARA Meeting

Well all went well at the January 4th meeting at the Mound Science and Energy Museum this past Wednesday We picked up a new member Cliff KE8ACV from Brookville Ohio whom is a retired school teacher and Extra class HAM.

We had a lively discussion about the clubs participation in the city events and with the Miamisburg High School regarding the football games and the late request for our participation.

Also Sam relented to give a little show and tell about Fox-Hunting and what the techniques and equipment needed to succeed.

There was a discussion about a digital ops-night this month as well. So if you have the time please come and take part even from your home QTH we need someone to communicate to besides across the room.


Dale – KD8HFM

It is time for club dues

Please see $ Jack $ about paying the club dues for 2017. You have a grace period of this month and next then the door code will be changed after February meeting. Also you will not receive club emails pertaining to club business or have a vote at the March meeting. This is what was agreed upon back in the 1990’s.

Dale – KD8HFM

Ham Radio Classes this February the 18th all are welcome.


The class starts on a Saturday about 8:30am as indicated and ends around 4:00 or 5:00pm. On Sunday class starts again about 8:30am and ends around 4:00pm with the test to follow. The materials cost $17.00 last year and may go up a dollar or so in 2017.

The books are usually passed out about 2 weeks prior to class starting to give people a chance to read and study ahead.

The Senior Center is the “Old Miamisburg” post office next to the railroad tracks on Central Avenue (aka St. Rt. 725).

Last years class…

Mound Amateur Radio Association Miamisburg, Ohio