This years Christmas

Hi everyone,

I have confirmed our Christmas Party for El Rancho’s on South Alex for Saturday Dec 3rd 6:00.  I have tentatively reserved for 25 – 30 people and it will be in the room to left called the TV room. I’m to call back end of November with a final count.
As I have more info regarding our Family to bring Christmas to I will forward information.
Have a great day.  Both Sam & I thought meeting last night was very good one and the turn out was marvelous.  Great job to all the board members.

147.195 repeater is up! Please use it!

The 195 repeater is up and running, a nice “BIG” thank you to Jay N8IPO and Jack KM8N for getting it done.

We checked the out put and it seem to be putting out between  120 to 130 watts and reflected power was about 1.2 percent, The old set up was doing about 80 watts. Jay was able to hit the repeater from his QTH in Waynesville with his HT with very little noise. The spectrum analyzer showed no spurs out above or below our assigned frequency. To complete the install totally two ninety degree connectors and a could speed nuts for the 8/32 cabinet screws will put the finishing touches on the repeater.

We will try and have Bill do the Monday night net on the 195. This will give us some data on coverage area. We did get some ducting which maybe from Indiana or northern Ohio. So if you have time to monitor please give a report on the Monday night net.

By the way the 330 repeater seemed a bit scratch this morning has anyone else noticed it?


Play time is almost over

Well we are headed in to September and to start off we have a football game at Harmon Field, by the way it really is the last varsity game hosted there. Then the next day we have the River Blast for Saturday to cover as well. So If you have the time to help out on Saturday evening please let Jack know so we can get the event covered, this is our last city event until the Holiday Parade in December minus the Turkey Trot.

Speaking of Jack KM8N, he has made some contact with the city in regards to the installation of our 80 meter antenna to back up the Regional Dispatch Center. All we are asking for is 3 poles east of the club house along the property line with a 2 inch buried conduit leading to the center pole from the shack.

Bill W8WFP is in contact with Kettering Hospital to get permission to put the “K” logo on the operators shirts that support Kettering during disasters. Jack and Bill also gave them a list of hardware for the Franklin facility as well.

At some time in October it was discussed an approved to mount the 440 antenna off to the side of the Rohn 25 tower so we can put the pulley back at the top so we can lower the Rohn 45 without much climbing in the future. Jack has the hardware to donate for the 440 mount. We probably should use cable instead of rope along with a winch to make it a much more safe operation. I think Sam WA8VIW uses this setup with one of his towers, although I think he uses a drill gun to do the actual work.

At Field Day Gary W8WGR showed us a 40 meter 1 watt transceiver he picked up and plans to tie it into a linear. Maybe at the next meeting he will update us on the progress of this project.

That’s about all I have for now so we will see all those willing at our next club meeting September 7th.

73 – Dale

Mound Amateur Radio Association Miamisburg, Ohio