OHIO QSO PARTY August 26th

The Ohio QSO Party occurs on the fourth Saturday of August. The contest period extends from 1200 EDT [noon] to 2400 EDT [midnight] (1600Z Saturday until 0400Z Sunday). All stations may operate the full twelve hours. The 2017 contest is on August 26th.

Ohio QSO Party
Status: Active
Mode: CW, SSB
Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m
Classes: Single Op (High/Low/QRP)
Max power: HP: >100 watts
LP: 100 watts
QRP: 5 watts
Exchange: OH: RS(T) + county
non-OH: RS(T) + (state/province/”DX”)
Work stations: Once per band per mode
QSO Points: 1 point per SSB QSO
2 points per CW QSO
Multipliers: OH Stations: Each state, province, OH county, 1 DX once per mode
non-OH Stations: Each OH county once per mode
Score Calculation: Total score = total QSO points x total mults (see rules for mobile stations)
Upload log at: http://www.ohqp.org/index.php/submit-log/
Mail logs to: Ohio QSO Party
c/o Jim Stahl, K8MR
30499 Jackson Rd.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022-1730
Find rules at: http://www.ohqp.org/index.php/rules/

80 Meter Antenna approved by State and City

News Flash :  Kelsey Whipp from Miamisburg Parks & Recreation sent MARA an email with the following information.


It brings me great pleasure to share this information with you today! Please see attached letter from the Ohio Historical Connection. A geophysical survey will take place in two weeks, we can get started with the antenna project shortly after.

Have a great weekend!


Kelsey Whipp
Parks and Recreation Director
City of Miamisburg
10 N. First Street
Miamisburg, Ohio 45342
(937) 866-4532
(937) 866-6453 fax

We could have this up and working for the Solar Eclipse and OHIO QSO Party this August. We will have to invite Kelsey and her family up for the Bon-Fire Night!

End of a MARA Tradition

We are no longer helping with the parking at the High School Football games. With the “fee for use” mentality influencing everything these days the Burg will be charging a fee for parking this year. Not wanting to get involved with legal transactions we had to bow out of this long standing club tradition.

It is hoped in the future that we can get a member located in the press box as in the past to update and participate in the Miami Valley Football Net (146.820- MHz PL 77.0)  on Friday nights. This would give HAM radio a visible presence to the public plus we could rotate it so those that may have children or grandchildren participating on the field could come and watch for an elevated position for “FREE“.


Mound Amateur Radio Association Miamisburg, Ohio