Another Hamvention has come and gone

Dayto h 2016

Well we did it again this year, we covered the cost of our booth space this year thanks in large part to Jack’s early arrival Friday morning. With that said we should be able to enjoy the rest of Hamvention with out the stress of having to sell. Also a shout out to those that donated items to sell which proves again what a great organization MARA is!

Gross for the weekend =                             $337.70

Hamvention Tickets and booth =              $200.00

Net for Hamvention                                       $137.10

Jack Melke MARA Treasurer.

It appears that the first bonfire of the year was a success.                    A Big Thank You to Sam & Gail for hosting and coordinating this fun event. Dayton Dip, pizza, and marshmallows, were what was needed to kick the season off.




Mound Amateur Radio Association Miamisburg, Ohio