Two new “Hamm’s” have their tickets now!

A congratulation is in order to the Hamm family for the addition of 2 additional operators on the air waves and repeaters. We now have 

  1. Gary Hamm W8WGR
  2. Erica Hamm  KB8WXY
  3. Skyler Hamm KE8GOQ
  4. Dawson Hamm KE8GOR

At some point when the boys move out away from home they will always be able to make contact with Mom & Pop no matter where they maybe. Good job guys will see you at the shack or at Hamvention.


MARA Members

Shack has Heat

Thanks to Jack and his brother the new thermostats are installed and working at the club house. The tandem stat was installed next to the antenna switch by the HF station it is set to a minimum of 50 degrees. The other stat is by the digital station mounted on the wood wall set to 50 degrees. So be careful with opening the slid doors to the meeting room so as not to damage the stat. Also please leave these doors closed during the heating season, turn the heat back down if you happen to turn up the heat.
Another Atta Boy own MARA crew.

73 and enjoy

Helping at Hamvention

Received email Monday the 20th on getting our spots, we were offered spaces 7500 &7501 or else 7220 & 7221, so I will let you know which ones we get.

What can I say folks, it has been a week now.

Dave N8YFQ whom is the chair of the Flea market portion of Hamvention is looking for about 16 additional volunteers to work the event.

The duties are committing to work 4 continuous hours for two days. Which means if you start at 4:45 am you will finish at 8:45 am. With nothing starting until 9:00 am you will be free the rest of the day to enjoy Hamvention. Plus you will get a free admission pass plus free parking on site. If this sounds like a deal to you contact Dave Tritch at by email and put the word “VOLUNTEER” on the subject line.

He is currently working on getting our reservation for the Flea Market complete.

73 Dale

Shack attack by bill and jack

The Shack is busting at the seems with the treasures Jack and Bill pulled from the home of a silent key. With that said its probably time for all of us to clean out our shacks. If you have an item you want someone to have give it to them now so you can Elmer them in its use. And if you have items no longer used donate them to the club to sell at Hamvention. We are now a non profit entity so see Bill or Jack for a tax exempt form for the item to take off your 2017 taxes.

With all these “treasures” filling the meeting room it is probably safe to assume the March club meeting will be at the museum again.

Mound Amateur Radio Association Miamisburg, Ohio