Beautiful Summer Morning at the Shack

After picture taking I cleaned out the tool box while waiting for the computers to update. I had to leave the digital computer running it was only 37% downloaded the phone station had less updates to run.
Speaking of digital, Jack brought up the replacement cabinet for the 443 repeater. It is a nice piece of hardware. A coat of paint and she will look “pretty”. Plus this one locks not that  many folks will go banging around inside but if a thief would get inside the shack this would be the last item to go. We are really getting the place looking professional. At least the critters don’t run the place for now.


Thursdays antenna work

Well Jack KM8N and Sam WA8VIW and the antenna crew were at it again this week. They installed the 440 Side-Arm extension on the old tower. And a fine job they did. The range of the 440 is all the way down to the GE plant that Jay N8IPO works at and Jack KM8N had it all the way up to 25A off 75 north. That’s as good if not better than the 146 repeater. Thanks to everyone involved Thursday in getting this done.


While on the scene with the lift truck the rotor on the main tower was checked the upper bell and brake are warn out. After 60 years of service it may be time to consider a new one. Maybe a TailTwister but that will be a discussion for the meeting.

Next is the cabinet that Jack has to house the 440 repeater in it should provide enough warmth to keep the repeater above 32 degrees in the winter.

So with all that said hope to see you at the meeting for these important discussions. Hopefully an update on the 80 meter antenna the city is helping us with.


Reflection on MARA Swap-Meet

Well put another one in the books, MARA’s 6th annual Swap-Meet has come and gone. Stand outs this time around were, in order of check-ins…

Eric W8KKF and Joe KE8EOL, both seated at the drawing/sign up table. Eric brought the donuts, by the way he’s running for Miami Township Trustee this fall.

Gail KD8CXB whom handled the chow line.  All food was sampled and tasted by our ever roving food critic John N8SSE, before being served to masses, he sat down for seconds by the way.

And our old Arab-Trader Jack KM8N, whom harnesses the power of the “sweet-deal” to keep the “fleas” jumping until the very end. Let it be known that once cash flows to Jack it never flows back!

Here are the winners from MARA’s 6th annual swap-meet drawing. This is a very diverse crowd with regards to age, gender, height, and licensure. 

A grateful MARA thank you to Terry NV8E and Susan KD8FIZ for the donations of this years HT’s for the event.

Thank you again everyone that contributed in making this event enjoyable on such a perfect August day as this. We were spared the heat of the “dog days” of summer this year. We even got a call from our neighboring radio personality  Claude KC8TFY on 2 meters. Plus a few past members Bobby and Kelly showed up to sell some things and lend their support. Thanks everyone and hope to see you again next year.


Mound Amateur Radio Association Miamisburg, Ohio