Field Day Results

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Here are the totals for W8DYY, 3E, OH.


Total CW QSOs: 377 X 2 =  Total CW QSO points: 754

Total Phone QSOs: 424 X 1 =  Total Phone QSO points: 424

Total QSO points: 1178




New Shack Computer

Well Steve N8DNG was able to get us a great deal on a new HP computer and 26″ HD monitor. He was able to get it all for $489.98 tax free! Now we shouldn’t have internet connection issues as well as software update issues. It is now at the main station. So make sure you check it out on Field Day.

Thanks Steve

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330 Repeater update

Well we made it this morning to the site 330 repeater and swapped out all the crimp-on connectors and mounted the 440 antenna. Everything was going well until we went to run the feed line for the 2 meter and 440 antenna. We were stopped by the small diameter holes and 90 degree bend needed to get to the repeater cabinet.  After several attempts we noticed that the burrs on the angle iron was cutting through the outer sheathing of the coax. So we will need to pop open the fresh air duct and feed it through. Therefore we will need to get plant engineering involved with one of the HVAC guys to help. So please stand by for further up dates.

Update: Mike told me that he and Jack were successful with plant engineering running the new coax to both antennas. Thanks fellows now we need to connect them inside the cabinet. We are looking good for the upgrades we need to make to a 30 year old repeater!

Thanks Jay, Jack,  and Mike



Mound Amateur Radio Association Miamisburg, Ohio